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Located Downtown Lake Worth FL

AJ DAVILA Y TERROR AMOR + Plastic Pinks + The Gun Hoes + Gallimimus
April 20, 2014 · 8:00 pm -
April 21, 2014 · 2:00 am
Propaganda Lake Worth
AJ Davila y Terror Amor + Plastic Pinks + The Gun Hoes + Gallimimus + Hard Money T on decks.

"Puerto Rico, an island many think only produces reggaeton, actually has an amazing indie, punk, garage and straight-up rock 'n' roll scene. It's as brilliant as it is under-appreciated. One of my favorite garage-rock bands of recent times, Davila 666, is now on a break, but singer AJ Davila has an insanely strong new solo album called Terror Amor. Fans should be pleased to find that the album stays close to Davila's garage-rock/doo-wop/punk roots, but dares to play with fun new elements. The use of chopped-and-screwed, syrupy vocals in anthemic songs like "Chica Tinieblas" is like a wink at the listener: This is fun, don't get too serious, enjoy the ride. "Es Verano Ya" ("It's Summer Already") feels like a day at the beach: just a lighthearted, sunny summer love song.

But don't dismiss AJ Davila as merely a fun summer fling; he's too charming for that. The closing song "Animal," which has been stuck in my head for weeks, is a taunting ditty with menacingly deep vocals, clearly aimed at an unnamed nemesis who "talks and talks but never does anything." He sneers "I'm an animal!" in the chorus — in the process capturing what I love about Davila, and what I wish more "crossover" Latin music was allowed to have. He has an edge. He's a nice, fun dude you'd want to hang out with, sure, but that playfulness isn't nearly as enticing as his sharp teeth." ~Jasmine Garsd | NPR
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